Established in 1982. Hunnington Coarse Fishery


A Fishery with tradition

Over thirty years ago the Tate family moved from Hagley in Worcestershire to Hunnington. As the landlord Lord Cobham wanted the farm at Hagley for building opportunities.This farm compared to Hagley was very run down, but Fred was willing to give it a go.

So Fred Tate decided to make some pools out of some of the unfarmable ground as he had a very good supply of spring water. . So bought himself an old JCB digger and set to work. Many days / weeks later he had constructed his first pool and then he did another and so it went on until he had built 7 pools of various sizes and depths. He was then contacted by The White Swan Piscatorial’s fishing Club who wanted to rent out the water for a trout fishery. This they did for over 22 years.

Then things changed the White Swan decided they wanted to terminate their lease and his son Dan decided it was time for a change and wanted to make it into a coarse fishery. So In October 03 we started to stock the fishery pools with a nice variety of fish in various sizes. Ready for opening to the public in April 04.

But unfortunately Fred had developed prostrate cancer in this time and was not too well. However we kept him informed on how things were going and Fred was happy with the changes we were making around the farm and fishery.

We made the decision to open on Tuesday 27th April 2004. But sadly Fred passed away on Monday 26th April just one day before our opening.But this went ahead as planned, as he would not have wanted it any other way. He would be very proud to know that the fishery is proving to be very popular wth pleasure and match anglers and that all his hard graft was not in vain. Hunnington coarse fishery is today run by his Son Dan &  Daughter in law  Lesley and Grandson Ollie.


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We have 5 excellent fishing pools to choose from, each with a unique mix of pegs and species available.

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Join the fishing club for access to our regular friendly competitions, with an emphasis on competing for fun, trophies and small prizes.

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