The Coot Pool


The pool is stuffed full of the little 8oz- 1 lb carp and they are always looking for food as the pool is very deep and warm. These smaller carp are usually caught on corn fished over micro pellet but be prepared as you could hook a much bigger fish! The slightly bigger carp in the pool 2 lb- 5lb are often caught from the pool and offer a breathtaking fight, right to the net. These fish are mainly caught shallow from the pool, as the pool is so deep and the carp look for warmer water, this is a great way of catching a big net of fish.

The bigger specimens in the pool go to a whopping 25 lb but are rarely caught but when you do hook one, you’ll know about it. The pool also offers another load of tench to catch a big net of.

These fish were only recently stocked as the pool, at one time, only held carp. But know these tench are in they haven’t stopped feeding ever since. They go from 1lb right through to the biggest being about 5 lbs and these fish put up a spirited fight, no matter how small they are. You can often catch these fish, one after another, on double corn as the colour attracts them very well.

Again this pool holds another big head of crucian carp that are anything from 6oz to 2lb. These fish have now settled and are now regularly being caught by the pleasure anglers. The fish are usually caught on half of an expander pellet and they hardly need any feed, maybe one handful of pellets after every 10 fish or so. This is brilliant, as you don’t need a tonne of bait to catch fish.

The pool isn’t pegged out as such, which means you can fish anywhere you like around the pool. This is fantastic if you like a lot of space. Starting from the top right corner of the pool the depth is around 6 feet and is very flat, apart from in the margins, the depth drops to 6 feet after the second shelf and doesn’t get much deeper until you go right to the middle of the pool. The margins, in places hold small patches of overhanging plants that dangle in the water and the carp are often under these plants looking for food.

As you move along the bank there are hardly any margin features at all and as the water is so crystal clear its best to do the majority of your fishing in open water anyway. All along the bank right up to the corner of the pool again is around 6 feet, 7 feet in specific places and again there is a lot of depth in the middle of the pool. As the water is so deep in these pegs it is often useful to set up a ledger rod as if the fish are on the bottom it is easier to catch them. The other corner peg on the pool is around the same depth as the bank that it runs across but does offer marginal cover if it is needed

The other bank on the pool, the left bank, is very similar to the right bank as it has two corners, the same but the depth is rather different as it shallows up to about 5 feet. Although this side is shallower it offers the advantage of being able to present a bait on the bottom, correctly, using a float. The corner pegs on this side are both very good as the one has a lot of features to fish to: a water pipe and reeds and the other is down a ditch, lower to the water, out of the wind. Both pegs fish fantastically well as they are both of the pegs that anglers most want. The depth is all very similar along this bank, about 5 feet and dramatically dropping to around 12 feet in the middle.