Craig Cartridge Wins Hunnington Fishing Club 2015


Hunnington Fishing Club
26th September
Kingfisher Pool
Final league Match

Today was the final league match of this year and all anglers enjoyed the sunshine for a change, the winner was Craig Cartridge with 79.12 from Peg 13 with Richard Johns taking 2nd spot with 51.8 and Lionel Hipkiss on Peg 11 having 50lbs.


1st Craig Cartridge 79-12-0
2nd Richard Johns 51-8-0
3rd Lionel Hipkiss 50-0-0

So the final standings for this year’s league is Winner Craig Cartridge with 36 points closely followed by Richard Johns with 34 points for 2nd spot Ashley Chlebec had 32 points and Dave Morris and Roger Brown on 30, All anglers have enjoyed fishing the League this year with lots of banter across the pool.


Hunnington fishery would like to thank all anglers that took part in this year’s league.

1st Craig Cartridge 36
2nd Richard Johns 34
3rd Ashley Chlebec 32
4th Roger Brown 30
5th Dave Morris 30
6th Tony Rylance 27
7th Mick Dudley 27
8th Lee Isherwood 25
9th Michael Haynes 22
10th Lionel Hipkiss 21
11th Keith Norton 17
12th Phil Holland 17
13th Michael Orpe 15
14th Nathan Wilkes 15
15th Sam Hill 13
16th Dean Dudley 12
17th Cockney Chris 11
18th Peter Wilikson 9
19th Terry Orpe 8
20th Stewart Hendry 8
21th Eric Priest 7