General Fishery Rules.
  • Please Do Not Wrap Fish In Towels
  • One Rod Only Allowed
  • Unused Bait Must Be Put In Bin Not Pools
  • All Nets To Be Dipped Before Fishing
  • All Fish To Be Netted On Landing, No Swinging Fish In
  • Please Put All Litter In Bins Provided Or Take Home
  • When Fishing The Pole A Float Must Be Used At All Times
  • All Whips Must Be Elasticated
  • Mugging Fish Is Not Allowed
  • Tapping Water Is Not Allowed
  • No Bait Shall Be Introduced With A Pole Cup Or Bait Dropper Attached To An Extra Rod Or Pole Whilst Continuing To Fish.
  • Floating Baits Either Hookbait Or Feed Bait Are Not Allowed.

We Supply Our Own Keepnets And Landing Nets To Be Used In Matches.

Approved Baits
  • Maggots 
  • Corn
  • Meat
  • Castors
  • Worms
  • Hooker Pellets
  • Paste ( Must Be Made From Our Pellets)
  • Feed Pellets Must Be Purchased From The Fishery (£1.50 Per Pint Micro, 4mm, 6mm)

Banned Baits
  • NO Hemp 
  • NO Bread
  • NO Boilies
  • NO Ground Baits
  • NO Floating Baits
  • NO Cat or Dog Food
  • NO Liquidised Meat Or Corn
  • NO Hooks Larger Than Size 12 Barbless Only
  • NO Method Feeders Or Fixed Feeders – Running Feeders Only
  • NO Braid


Hook checks are done and anyone found with a barbed hook will be told to leave the fishery and no refund given.

If you are unsure of any rules please ask one of the bailiffs – they will be happy to help.