The Heron Pool


The Heron pool is available for pleasure and club matches but is always receiving complements of how well its fishing and what fine, pristine condition the fish are in. The pool holds 24 anglers with ease and they all have plenty of room.

The pool is stuffed full of 2-3lb carp which are caught week in week out but still offer an exhilarating fight to the net. The bigger ‘lumps’ in the pool, which run from 6-18lb, will give you the hardest battle you’ve ever had with a carp. You are guaranteed arm ache after catching one of these fish.

The Heron pool holds alot of tench. Its never been heard of catching a tench smaller than 2lb. The tench, although being super slimy, put up a magnificent fight, and will never give up, even once they’re in the net. The tench in this pool go up to 7lb but recently its heard of some 8 pound giants being caught from the pool which is amazing.

There are an abundance of bream and skimmers in the pool and you cannot go a fishing session without hooking one of these greedy fish. The skimmers are about 8oz apiece but there are some larger ones in amongst them but the bream however go to 5 lb and there are lots of them. When you hook one you know that others will follow.

The Heron Pool is one of the most heavily stocked silverfish pools around it holds that many quality 1lb roach, gudgeon and some of the biggest perch ever seen. If you hit them right on the right day you could easily amass a 50 lb net of silverfish!