The Mallard Pool


Hunnington is one of the only pools around which is known to have so many chub involved in all the pools.

The mallard pool is the highest pool on the four-pool fishery and offers a lot of good fishing to be had by all. The pool has handed out many of 50lb bags in matches and the record for the pool being near the 100lb mark. This is a tremendous pool and will give you a lot of pleasure and fun.

The pool is stocked with a lot of small ‘stockie’ carp these feature a lot in the match weights and they run from 8oz to 1 lb these fish are often caught on a soft expander pellet over the top of a bed of micro pellets, which are brought on site. The slightly bigger carp run from 1 lb 8oz right through to 4 lb these fish can easily be tamed on the right, balanced set up and can be superb match building fish. The bigger specimens in the pool are from 6lb to, the biggest to date, 19 lb, which is a massive achievement, which was incidentally caught in a match on a pole! Although this is the biggest fish to date there are some much bigger specimens which are about 20 lb these fish haven’t been caught to date but could be in the near future.
This pool, like the others is also rammed full of tench which are in the most fantastic condition. The tench in this pool start at about 1 lb and run right through to 5 lb with, in amongst the others some 6 lb beauties. These fish are often coming in the net to a single grain of corn hook bait but have recently been coming one-a-chuck to a soft expander tipped with a red maggot. These fish can easily be handled on rod and line or the right set up of a pole, either way they are fantastic fish to catch. These fish do not shoal up but do tend to come one after another if the feeding is correct and they usually prefer a bed of micro pellets to graze over before picking up your hook bait.

This pool like the others is stuffed with the crucian carp. These little 8oz fish are perfect for building a match winning net of fish or even fine fish for the pleasure angler to enjoy. These fish do run from 8oz but you do tend to catch the bigger crucians later on in your session and these do go to 1 lb and they are fine fish to catch. These fish like the majority of the other fish like the soft expander pellets but also enjoy the maggots which after a while may become frustrating if you’re after silvers as there are so many crucian in the pool that the carp have to bully hordes of them out of the swim just to get a look in at the free offerings. These are a great asset to the fishery and make the match weights increasingly higher than other fisheries.

Although the pool is stuffed full of carp the Mallard also offers silver- fisherman’s delight, as there are so many good roach to be had. The roach in the pool now are said to be at least 1 lb and they are often caught and aren’t shy to feed, at any time of the day. The beautiful fish are never targeted but are always turning up in angler’s nets and they never take into consideration just how big the fish actually are. These quality roach usually come to the double red maggot or caster, when fishing shallow and usually are caught in about 12 inches of water.

These greedy, pristine fish are usually at least 8 oz a piece and there are known to be some bigger chub being caught in the summertime one of them being 2 lbs. The chub offer a reliability to be caught through the wintertime and substantially boost the weights in the matches when anglers can easily bag a big 20 lb net of chub throughout five hours. These chub are truly mind-blowing and if brought into consideration, in the winter months, you could be bagging a fish every put in.

The pool comfortably holds twelve anglers with ease and offers the best fishing, even when full. The pegs are equally spaced out and offer plenty of room for the angler with all the gear and will allow him to maneuver comfortably without disturbing others. The pool is regularly open to the club angler and influentially it was a club angler who holds the record on the pool, which is a very good weight.