Richard Johns Takes Round Two


Second round of the Hunnington summer league began with rain and later the sun came out but there was a very cold wind especially along the car park side of the kingfisher pool.

But todays winner was Richard johns from Peg 2 with 37-5-0 runner up was Tony Rylance with 32-8-0 off Peg 9 and Roger Brown took 3rd spot with 31-0-0 from Peg 5.

League table after two rounds have 3 anglers on 7 points Dave Morris – Tony Rylance and Craig Cartridge, with Roger Brown and Richard Johns on 6 points

The league is run on a points system and you fish in sections, this making it fairer to all anglers.

1st Richard Johns 37.5-0 Peg 2
2nd Tony Rylance 32-8-0 Peg 9
3rd Roger Brown 31-0-0 Peg 5